Outside the Country Store Outside the country store, we have a café in the summer. Here you can enjoy a "Painter's sandwich" or a "Rolls Royce". During the winter we serve the visiting snow scooter drivers "kôlbulle". They eat their meal sitting on benches made of snow, covered with the skin of reindeers. Tailor-made solutions If you would like to spice up your special occasion we can arrange a tailor made solution, especially for you. For marriages there is a newly renovated chapel beautifully situated upon a hill. If you want to celebrate a fifty-year-old then we can arrange a party for a larger group in Katrineberg´s old house, once built for storing seed. Depending on weather conditions the naked fiddler, Näcken, might show up and spellbind you with his music. Games Along with our activities we can arrange different kind of games. Fishing We have nice waters for fishing up here in the Finn's woods. There is Trout, Red snapper, Pike and Bass. You can find this fish in "Put and Take" as well as natural lakes. We, Gullan & Leif, are situated in Katrineberg, up in the Finn's woods. This wilderness is surprisingly close to Stockholm. During the winters we offer you magnificent events with our dog sledge team. We build our company on basis of professional and personal care of our guests whether you are alone or a company of thirty persons. Katrineberg has a wonderful nature with blue mountains high above the sea level, great winters, wilderness, big variety of wild animals and predators. Leif is a trained tracker. We are not looking for a massive tourism but tourism in a small scale. We aim for quality, not quantity. We are looking forward to having you as our guest. Dog sledging Short tour: We get out to Rockaladan, which is over 100 years old. It was used as a barn for storing hay. The dogs take you for a journey in the woods and over the frozen lake. For lunch we serve Kôlbullar with lingonberry jam, which was the main food for lumber workers in the old days. You will sit on the skins from Rain dears around the open fire, eating as many Kôlbullar as you can manage to eat. We end the meal with coffee, cooked over the open fire, with home baked cinnamon swirls. You will love the magnificent silence and beautiful scenery. Disabled We have many years experience of disabled guests. You easily exchange the wheelchair to the dog sledge and enjoy the adventure with your friends. In the big sledge you sit comfortable and safe during the trip. Please give us a call for further information. Middle distance tour This tour starts from our place. We bring the big sledge but also smaller team of dogs if you whish to drive an own team of dogs. We travel through beautiful nature, streams, lakes, bogs and big woods. Our tour goes to the Siberian jays, the old timber workers' friends. We bring them some rind to eat, knock on the tree to tell them we are here. At the Siberian jays' we make some open fire. We grill sausages and cook some coffee. The dogs get their well-needed rest. We end up with something to drink and a chat in the old country store museum. Staying over the night As usual we start from our place and some travel in the big sledge. Some drive their own team of dogs. Off we go through the wintry landscape and then make a stop for something warm to drink and for the dogs to rest. Well in the timbers' cottage we make our beds of skin from the rain deers and sleeping bags. Over the open fire we cook pork filet and baked potatoes with aroma butter. Together with it we serve root crops. During the night we all take each shift watching the fire, keeping it alive. In the following morning we eat breakfast and prepare us for the return trip. We finish the trip with lunch, kôlbullar, and coffee. Finally we have a chat in the old country store museum. Tracking for wolves We start our day with some information in the old country store museum. Leif, who is a trained tracker, will be your guide during the day. He already knows where the wolves are and will bring you there. Leif will give you a brief lecture about our predators, how to track them, and what you can be expected to see. On skies you follow the tracks to their origin; the tension is normally high on what you might discover. We are as careful and humble as possible, not to disturb the predators due to we are the visitors in their environment. After the day we eat kôlbullar together and end the meal with some coffee and a chat about the days' experiences in the old country store museum.

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